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The Nologin's environmental Division

Nologin Oceanic Weather Systems

A bit of history …

Nologin, installing HPC clusters and managing 24/7 services, stablished collaboration with customers such as Puertos del Estado, who play a key role in the European and Spanish operational oceanography. In 2011, we were part of the data visualization system, developing applications and managing physical servers.

Nologin is an EC Copernicus Marine Service provider for the European Atlantic façade. Since 2018, we co-leads with Mercator Ocean International the IBI-MFC (Iberia-Biscay-Ireland Monitoring & Forecasting Centre), delivering jointly with Meteofrance and CESGA regional forecasts. We also became part (since 2015) of the Copernicus Marine INS-TAC (Thematic Assembly Center for in-situ data), with responsibilities (co-shared with Puertos del Estado) in the operations, validation and service evolution of in-situ observational products for this IBI area .

In parallel to this activity as Copernicus Marine provider, NOW is being a developer of its operational downstream coastal monitoring and forecasting services (tailor-made for specific customers or developed in the framework of collaborative initiatives and projects), actively contributing to build Digital Twins of the Coast… .

For more than 14 years being involved in large Operational Oceanography Projects and ambitious service initiatives (EC Copernicus Marine provider).

Our experience ensures a high level expertise in delivering ocean modeling, data management, and end-user services.


The NOW Team is composed by highly skilled personnel in the STEM area, including:

  • Scientists (experts with PhD in applied physics, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, and oceanography)
  • Engineers (from different engineering branches: Civil, Environmental, Industrial)
  • Mathematicians, Ocean Scientists and IT experts

The team

The NOW Vision

To be a reliable partner, ensuring the best team and infrastructure, to develop operational services for the marine environment. Co-building the Digital Twins of the Ocean and Coasts, as envisioned by our customers.

Ethical Code and Complaints Channel

The following documents refer to the LMI Group and its subsidiaries, including NOW Systems, and are subject to compliance with their contents


NOW Systems's Ethical and Compliance Culture Manifesto.

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This document contains the rules of the NOW Systems Ethical Channel.

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Absolute respect for legality, internal regulations and ethical standards.

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Reporting non-compliance with the Code of Ethics


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