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Nologin Oceanic Weather Systems

Oceanographic Services for decision making

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Ocean monitoring and forecasting for decision making

For more than a decade, Nologin has provided solutions, knowledge, and services for a more sustainable and cost-effective management of activities developed in the marine environment.

We collect near-real-time in-situ and satellite observations, we develop and run state-of-the-art numerical models and we apply combined solutions based on AI to know more about the (physical and biogeochemical) ocean, helping you in all the operational phases of your marine activities and works.

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NOW Services for the marine environment

Generation of products based on observational data collected in near-real-time (within 24h)


Numerical models (including data assimilation) to simulate the past, present, and future ocean


Improving ocean forecasting and monitoring products through Artificial Intelligence


Present and future climate projections, based on climate change scenarios, oriented to policy and decision making


Added value services (i.e. warning systems) and taylor-made user interfaces


The tides do not rest,
neither does our support.

We provide 24/7 support for our operational services (operations, IT environment maintenance).

This support includes design from scratch of applications in supercomputing and/or cloud environments, management and supervision of pre-existing hardware environments, control of communications, creation of procedures for action in case of incident, development of Key Performance Indicators, etc...

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