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Forecasting: modelling solutions

Nologin Oceanic Weather Systems

We help limiting uncertainties

The marine environment is a changing, interconnected and complex environment. As a result, it is often difficult to determine what the outcome of an action will be.

So, before starting any new activity, investment initiative or project solution it is always necessary to evaluate:

  • The impact that our actions have on the marine and coastal systems (to ensure a sustained development that will meet with legal planning frameworks).
  • And in the other way around, the impact that marine environmental conditions have on us and on our planned activities (and that highly condition their efficiency).

Thanks to the development of high-resolution ocean model applications, NOW services can help you to increase the knowledge on your target zone, limiting uncertainties, and then making easier, safer, and more efficient your marine operations.

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NOW modelling capabilities to support all your work phases

Long-term climate evaluations (including extreme analyses) using model hindcast/reanalysis and running model projections (in a climate change context) for impact assessment; development of what-if model scenarios

Adaptive management (and more efficient resource allocation) using high-resolution model solutions complemented with observations, and tailor-made end-user customized warning systems

Increased operational safety. Use of warning systems based on daily updated short-term predictions (with forecast horizons up to 10 days) and real-time observations

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