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Corporate social responsibility

Aligned with UN Agenda 2030

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of NOW Systems's business strategy. We base our corporate objectives on our commitment to the betterment of society, our contribution to the environment and sustainability, and the creation of policies that enhance the well-being of our people.

Our business strategy is aligned with Agenda 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to build a better society.

NOW Systems Team

Equality Plan

NOW is concerned about the motivation and satisfaction of its employees, that is why through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy it promotes equal opportunities and non-discrimination, reconciliation of work and family life, training and employability.

Download Now Systems Equality Plan

Ethical Code and Complaints Channel

NOW bases its activity on standardized processes for service management and has a code of ethics and a regulatory compliance program. The following documents refer to the LMI Group and its subsidiaries, including NOW Systems, and are subject to compliance with their contents


NOW Systems's Ethical and Compliance Culture Manifesto.

See (ES)


This document contains the rules of the NOW Systems Ethical Channel.

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Absolute respect for legality, internal regulations and ethical standards.

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Reporting non-compliance with the Code of Ethics