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Climate Services

Nologin Oceanic Weather Systems

Data-driven climate assessment based on scientific knowledge

The balance of the marine environment is affected by climate change. Among other effects, global climate change can result in an increase of ocean extreme phenomena and their impacts, with the consequent impacts in the environment and in our activities.

For all these reasons, climate monitoring and long-term studies on the ocean state evolution are needed/mandatory, supporting actions that enhance adaptation and sustainability of coastal and marine activities, increasing our resilience.

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Climate assessment of ocean states at regional and coastal scales

Long timeseries of past and present climate data through reanalysis systems (for example, within the framework of the Copernicus Marine Service )

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Future climate projections, based on climate change scenarios, oriented to policy and decision making.

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How do we generate climate assessments?

With data from numerical climate models and observations

We use the most advanced techniques based on the application of dynamic numerical models and observational data assimilation systems, to generate reanalysis data and projections.

observations reanalysis and projections

Temperature on a regional scale. Cantabrian Sea

Ocean Monitoring Indicator (OMI) to analyze the Mediterranean Outflow Water variability in the Atlantic IBI area. (Copernicus Ocean State Report #2; Pascual et al.)

Training neural networks

In order to characterize the long-term behavior of the ocean locally in different regions and in complex areas, such as the coastal ones, we are working to improve these regional estimates through Artificial Intelligence (for example, training neural networks for their later use in the generation of local climate projections for ports; as done in the ECCLIPSE Project ).

This use of AI makes it possible to optimize the use of computational resources, saving energy and therefore reducing the CO2 footprint associated with the generation of the information, needed to increase our knowledge of the climate system and its evolution.

AI based Solutions

And with custom KPIS for your business

Likewise, NOW Systems works to analyze and synthesize the existing climate information, generating ocean monitoring indicators and climate change indices (OMIs and CCIs), useful for a quick, efficient, and manageable assessment of the evolution of ocean climate conditions in areas of interest.

In this way, NOW systems provides its clients with tools for a customizable and adjusted evaluation of the evolution and impacts associated with possible extreme events in the context of climate change, to help them in the planning/adaptation/mitigation processes that their activities may require to face challenges ahead.

Coastal Upwelling Index for the Iberian and North African Atlantic coasts

Coastal Upwelling Index for the Iberian and North African Atlantic coasts. (Copernicus Ocean State Report #1; Pascual et al.)

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