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Copernicus Product Quality Dashboard

Design, implementation and Evolution of the Copernicus Marine Product Quality Dashboard User Web Portal

January 2022 - November 2025

The Client

The Copernicus Marine Service is a provider of free and open marine data and services to enable marine policy implementation, support Blue growth and scientific innovation.

The Copernicus Marine Service (or Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service), it is funded by the European Commission (EC) and implemented by Mercator Ocean International.

Product Quality Dashboard

The Challenge

Disseminate regularly-updated product quality metrics to end-users

The Product Quality Dashboard (PQ-D) is one of the pillars of the Copernicus Marine Service: it is a public web-service, dedicated to disseminate the product quality information for the Global Ocean and the Regional European Seas and for the Blue/Green/White Essential Ocean Variables.

The project aims to support and improve the capacity of the Copernicus Marine Service to disseminate regularly-updated product quality metrics to end-users through the PQ-D. Nologin (through its NOW Teams) participates in the design, implementation and operational service for the Copernicus Marine PQ-D, including its evolution.

The project includes, and it is based on, 6 main types of tasks:

  • Design Activity (DES): it deals with the definition of the technical upgrades of the PQ-D and evolution of the web application.
  • Implementation tasks (IMP): it regroups the main actions linked to setup, maintenance and evolution of the PQ-D using Agile methodology.
  • Transition into Operations activity (TiO): it consists on transfer of new pre-operational functionalities into operational environment. It includes testing and validation of the new PQ-D features and preparation of the operational releases.
  • Operational monitoring activity (OPS): it ensures the operational deployment and maintenance of the PQ-D releases, including performance monitoring and users support.
  • Service Desk (SDk): it is directly linked to Copernicus Marine Service Desk for users support.
  • Management (including quality assurance) activity (MNG): it deals with the coordinated actions with Mercator Ocean International to ensure continuous development / continuous integration of new implementations, transition to operations and operational releases.

The Results

Promoting high scientific quality and best technological solutions for the service.

The PQ-D application developed by the NOW Team will be included in the porfolio of the Copernicus Marine key services. It will be built upon a solid and synergic collaboration with Mercator Ocean International and Copernicus Marine Production Centres for promoting high scientific quality and best technological solutions for the service.).

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