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OceanPrediction DCC

Support to the development of the Ocean Forecasting Co-design Team in the framework of the OceanPrediction DCC

June 2023 - June 2024

Mercator Ocean Ocean Prediction

This Project strengths the solid and synergic collaboration of NOW Systems with Mercator Ocean International, and it opens new opportunities to support coordinated activities of the international Operational Oceanography community.

The Client

The Challenge

Nologin Oceanic Weather Systems is aimed to support the OceanPrediction DCC in the coordination of the Ocean Forecasting Co-Design Team: in particular, for the design of the new Operational Ocean Forecasting Systems (OOFS), a collaborative framework among International Experts is setup with the scope to identify current gaps, new opportunities and provide solutions in collaboration with the United Nations Ocean Decade.

The Oceanic Decade for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 is being coordinated by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) to promote transformational, large-scale change to advance urgent action on moving from the "ocean we have" to the "ocean we want".

The OceanPrediction Decade Collaborative Center (OceanPrediction DCC), hosted by MOi, is a Decade cross-cutting structure that will work at the global scale to develop collaboration between Decade Actions and other key actors related to ocean prediction.

Within OceanPrediction DCC, the Ocean Forecasting Co-Design Team main objective is to design a new ocean forecasting architecture able to exploit digital twining concept for the next generation of systems and services, with major positive impact for developing countries. Such architecture relies on well-defined building blocks: Standards, Tools, Best Practices and Operational Readiness Levels. The Ocean Forecasting Co-Design Team will act for identifying ocean forecasting architectures and building blocks to be promoted and inspirational for the Decade Programs and Projects.

The Results

The activity related to the Co-Design Team is developed following steps:

Step 1: Refinement of the Objectives, Workplan and final composition of the Team.

Step 2: Mapping the current OOFS landscape.

Step 3: Gap analysis.

Step 4: Identification of Development Priorities.

Step 5: Definition of the Architecture.

Step 6: Final mapping and Ways Forward.

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