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A Copernicus Coastal Pilot operational forecasting system, fully validated for the Bay of Biscay

July 2023 - January 2025

User Engagement Programme


The Client

The Copernicus Marine Service, through its user engagement programme.

The Challenge

This project will contribute to set the basis for a seamless downstream marine coastal forecasting service in the SE Bay of Biscay and to increase/consolidate the use of Copernicus Marine data by two relevant policy supporting agents in the Basque Country region.

The Results

NOW Systems will implement an online model validation service (5/8) for the EUSCOM operational service. The on-line validation will be performed with satellite and in-situ observations, including the coastal validation performed by using specific coastal observatory system (e.g. inclusion of specific periodic AZTI CTD stations in the validation exercise). Furthermore, model-model intercomparisons will be performed (comparing the EUSCOM solution at coastal scale with its parent solution (the copernicus IBI-MFC regional solution) and the Copernicus Global one.

A dedicated Product Quality web service to disseminate outcomes of the proposed validation tool will be implemented and mantained by NOW Systems.

This service will potentially benefit the Copernicus Marine Service in different aspects, being relevant the visibility of their products among public and private end-users operating in the Basque Country (encouraging their uses to support offshore activities) and highlighting the importance of this information to support scientific knowledge and the management of marine and coastal areas.

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