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Marine pollution control tool

Protection of marine ecosystems in the event of oil spills

The Challenge

Oil trajectory forecasting models are a fundamental tool for decision making in the event of an accidental spill.

Thanks to them, decision-makers have access to extremely useful information to manage the always limited resources available (installation of skimmers, barriers, etc…). Nologin has developed interfaces for the execution of oil spill evolution models. Thanks to these, a user can define the time position, amount of the spill, type of oil and other parameters and, based on these, make a forecast of its evolution in the future.

In addition, these services allow backtracking studies to determine the original source area of a spill. This is particularly useful when determining the origin of illegal discharges.

Apart from these services, Nologin is working on the integration of residence time products in semi-confined areas, floating plastic trajectory forecasting systems, as well as other products useful for water quality monitoring.

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