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Improving and Integrating European Ocean Observing and Forecasting Systems for sustainable use of the Oceans

November 2019 - December 2023

The Client

European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

Eurosea (Grant Agreement No 862626)


55 partners involved. Closely related with our tasks: Puertos del Estado (Spain), National Oceanography Centre [NOC] (UK), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), CMCC (Italy), DIMAR (Colombia), Marine Institute (Ireland), Ifremer (France), Mercator Ocean International (France), EuroGOOS, GEOMAR (Germany)

The Challenge

The Eurosea project has three main goals:

  • Improve the European ocean observing systems.
  • Deliver ocean observations and forecasts to end users.
  • Demonstrate the importance of the ocean.

NOW and Puertos del Estado co-contributes to these three goals, focusing on the following actions:

  • Developing & implementing algorithms for the quality control of sea level observations: these algorithms compare conventional tidal stations with innovative ones, based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems).
  • Developing & implementing OSPAC (Oceanographic Services for Ports and Cities): OSPAC encloses a one-stop shop of met-ocean indicators and tools for the management and decision support at harbours and coastal cities.
  • Generating added-value information (e.g. sea-level data from multi-sources) and services (the ones delivered through OSPAC); raising awareness about the state of the oceans and fostering synergies among coastal uses (specially in their daily operations).

The Results

Promoting high scientific quality and best technological solutions for the service.

The OSPAC Demonstrator has been selected by the European Comission's Innovation Radar (2022). It is expected to reach TRL7 (i.e. System Prototype demonstration in operational environment) at the end of the project. More info at): www.innoradar.eu/innovation .

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