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Oceanography for cities and ports

Nologin leads the IT development of the OSPAC system (Oceanographic Services for the Ports And Cities), within the European project Eurosea

The Challenge

OSPAC obeys to a new concept of oceanographic services capable of providing real-time information and forecasting and warning systems to Port Authorities and municipalities, understanding that both share and manage a common geographic space, and that the activities of one may have an impact on the other.

OSPAC integrates a set of measurement tools and instruments into an operational service for a city and the adjacent port to minimize risks and improve environmental management. For this project high resolution operational forecasting systems for wave, sea level, sea surface temperature and circulation have been developed in collaboration with various partners for all test locations, including Barcelona. These feed modules for calculating residence time, coastal erosion, marine debris concentration and hydrocarbon trajectory forecasting, among others.

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